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3 deep breaths LLC operates as small business consultant, coach and service provider.

We work on strategy, planning, problem-solving and productivity. We provide leadership coaching to help our clients develop powerful business knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits.

We help business leaders in finding their higher purpose, and we offer guidance to plan and implement their greatest vision.

We facilitate awareness, give advice, teach skills, and brainstorm with the client to produce practical results and enhance emotional wellbeing and strategic thinking.

In our packages, we offer a blend of coaching and related business services. We are connected to a network of experienced professionals across the globe and we can support (almost) any kind of project.

We are your best bet because we gather all the services you need to grow your business; offering you a better investment with an overall vision, regular follow-up, and genuine interest in what you do.

By choosing 3 deep breaths, you will get clearer and shorter deadlines. You will also receive regular updates and training for you and your team, about business technology and best practices in marketing & management.

Our experience of business and human patterns will become your asset. Every aspects of your life and business will be deeply transformed by the holistic healing power of 3 deep breaths’ leadership coaching.

Clients often think they need a website or a social media profile, and misunderstand that it only comes after researching customers’ needs and adapting their offer.

Management and marketing tools aren’t producing efficient results if setup apart of a global strategy & weekly leadership coaching.

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—We want you to be successful

Management & marketing are part of an ongoing cycle, where trials, data analysis, and improvements are the most important work. This is the reason why we usually don’t offer our services for a duration of less than 6 months, because it is simply unrealistic to achieve significant results in less time than that. It takes commitment & investment following our leadership coaching program and bringing your project to success, and it first starts with gaining awareness of the bigger picture and replacing bad habits with successful techniques.

You are starting a new company and need all your web presence tools up and running as soon as possible. You are so much in a hurry that you decide to skip the market research and the business planning…
That feels like a bad choice but it is happening in almost all the cases.

Creating or expanding a business requires a certain sequence of thoughts and actions, that are all interwieving with another. This means that there is no point in starting to build a website before defining clearly who is the target customer (see Top 5 management issues) and what exact action you want the customer to complete on your website (subscribe/buy/share).

The point is that it all takes time, if you want to set up your business for success. It will require more time and guidance at the beginning, only to take less time, effort, and painful experiences in the future.

3 deep breaths is your business companion.
—We stay by your side

Part of our work as a small business coach is helping clients to create success by focusing on personal development: time management, overlap of personal and professional life, self-sabotaging behavior (like procrastination and distraction), finding clarity, smart decision making, efficient problem-solving, and most of all; getting into action mode! When we put on our leadership coaching hat, we do our best to NOT give advice. Instead, we help the clients find the answers from within themselves.

After your first session with 3 deep breaths, questioning the deep reasons why you do what you do and what your dream ultimately is, you’ll often start to rethink your project. At our meeting things can start popping up like divine revelations and you can experience high motivation, or demotivation (or even both at the same time!).

One week after, you could very well stand at the exact opposite from this. Your motivation can easily come down, after your doubts took over, fed by your fears and your entourage’s judgements . Remember to be kind with yourself, and please remain aware of what is going on; and observe yourself as you go through the whole scope of emotions. It will be really useful for you in developping your Emotional Intelligence, as self-awareness is the core of it. Also remember that it is part of a personal transformation process, and that it usually takes minimum 3-6 months for your world to align with your new values; but no doubt that it will! It always does when you deeply aspire in being a better human and a better business leader.

So let’s come back to this potential phase of discomfort; what the hell is happening to you? “This is not why I hired them… I wanted to be better but now I just feel shitty” the little voice must say, trying to keep the old outdated version of you under control. What happens is that we did extract your business idea (your baby!) from the fluffy fantasy world of dream success stories that keep you entertained, to ground it in reality and try measure it based upon real facts, and results are almost always unexpected. That hurts your Ego like nothing else, and he will try to make you pay for that!

But if you consciously decide to look beyond the pain and accept it, you will open yourself to the infinite flow of possibilities; it is truly the only way for ‘the opportunity’ of a whole new ride to show up, unlike anything before, this is a ride with awareness. It can be tricky and feel like being a new born, and your inner protector and social connections will urge you to come back to the comfortale old patterns, but let me ask you again…: Do you really want to change and grow?

If you don’t have a trooper buddy by your side, who dares to understand your deepest motivations and fears, to check on you and keep you accountable every single week (we start from $199/mo, wink), you’ll likely suffer in great pain and loose tons of energy to maintain your goals of success and your own sanity. Or else you can always stay in your comfort zone and keep living the same old life, where you truly know that no greater purpose is achieved.

But we both know that you want that change sooo badly, right?! So now let’s start by setting yourself up for winning the great battle! Let’s do it!

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