Is a monkey-minded autopilot running your life ???

All your problems hurt because of your mindset


To be able to change your bad habits and pick new ones; you have to take back the steering wheel of your life, instead of letting your autopilot drive you to madness!


The first step to change (and a requirement to work with our coaching); is to be able to self-reflect on your flaws, and use them to build your next steps towards the life you truly want.


Our programs are coaching sprints, focusing on one single week at a time


The only skill to succeed in business isn’t being smart, nor having a great idea; it is the ability to keep going when you wanna quit.


Focus only on this week, make it better than the last one, and no matter what you do; … you can only succeed !


Some happy coachees

Maui web design - websites and social media
@Maui Preserved

” 3 deep breaths is bringing a new perspective with insights about tools that make our content go further, more efficiently, and with style. “

Maui web design - websites and social media
@Fit on Maui

” 3 deep breaths helped me to develop my branding and showed me how to target my specific audience. “


@Touch Reconnection

” I experienced a profound shift in my attitude towards life and relationships, and am sure his work and art will touch all those who experience it.”


” Laurent is a dedicated team leader and a real entrepreneur. His advice and guidance has been proven to be an invaluable resource.”

Maui Business Consultant - Emotional Intelligence Coaching

We work on strategic planning, problem solving, and productivity.

We help our clients engineer powerful business models and surpass their goals.

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