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Shape & scale your projects with a holistic approach; including business model engineering, user experience design, recurring task automation, and marketing strategy.

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Needs, frustrations, and empathy are ruling this world

Uplift how people feel about your products & services

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Your website should be a robotic machine generating income 24/7

It should automate all your customer interactions

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Web Presence

It’s about so many factors and tools

You need a holistic marketing approach

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You need to streamline to save a lot of time & money

Let us automate all your repetitive tasks & workflows

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Maui web design - websites and social media
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” 3 deep breaths is bringing a new perspective with insights about tools that make our content go further, more efficiently, and with style. “

Maui web design - websites and social media
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” 3 deep breaths helped me to develop my branding and showed me how to target my specific audience. “

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” I experienced a profound shift in my attitude towards life and relationships, and am sure his work and art will touch all those who experience it.”


” Laurent is a dedicated team leader and a real entrepreneur. His advice and guidance has been proven to be an invaluable resource.”

What exactly is 3 deep breaths?

What exactly is 3 deep breaths?

3 Deep Breaths LLC operates as small business consultant, coach and service provider. We work on strategy, planning, problem solving and productivity. We help our clients develop powerful business knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits. We help business leaders in...

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Swiss Marketing Institute

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Laurent Zahnd, Senior Consultant @ 3 deep breaths

" I love to support open-minded business owners with creative ideas and productivity tools "

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    Address: PO Box 1774, Kahului HI-96733, USA 

    Business Hours: 10am-3pm M-F, Hawai’i time (UTC-10)

    Maui Business Consultant - Emotional Intelligence Coaching

    We work on strategy, planning, problem solving and productivity.

    We help our clients engineer powerful business models and surpass their goals.


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